A couple of months ago, Stella and Juliet introduced Ella to a video called “The Letter Factory”. It teaches phonics. All of the girls love the video. Ella was checking out Stella and Juliet’s blog the other night and we came across a video of Stella singing the alphabet song the way they do it on The Letter Factory. This has inspired Ella to sing her phonics too! She is learning so much and can recognize almost all of her letters. Today, we were hanging out and Ella was playing with this Leap Frog phonics bus that she has. She was singing along with the bus and I caught it on video. There is a video at the end of this entry showing a little bit of her phonic enthusiasm.

Ella is totally cool about wearing pants under her sun dress. Now we have to work on a sweatshirt and normal shoes.

Ella has totally been into watercolors since Monday night. She gets so serious when she is painting.


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  1. merilee says:

    I love the phonics lesson Ella is teaching herself; and I’m crazy about the bunches. Don’t worry about the part. It’s adorable. Love you. Mom

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