SFMOMA with mommy

Today mommy took Ella to the SFMOMA to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. They took the bus and Ella was really excited. Ella wore a sweatshirt and a sun dress and sweatpants, and when they got to the museum, she took off her sweatshirt. Mommy said that they had a great time and you can tell from the pictures. Tonight the Kim/Arena clan came over for dinner. Mommy cooked a delicious dinner and after dinner Helen brought over water color paint and paper. All seven of us painted together. It was really sweet and fun. Ella was so into painting – she painted 3 pictures. She was incredibly focused. Tonight during Ella’s bath, she was kind of squirming around and I asked her if she needed to poop. She told me that she had to make a little poop so I took her out of the bath and put her on the toilet with her little Dora seat on top of the toilet seat. She made her first poop in the toilet tonight! Maybe the potty training thing won’t be so bad after all…we’ll see.

Here is Ella waiting for the bus – notice the sweatshirt.

Ella walking over the bridge at the museum. Notice the sweatshirt is gone.

This is a really cool photo.

Checking out a projection on the wall.

Here is Ella reading in the museum gift shop. She’s been really into the alphabet lately.

Checking out a huge projection of a fish tank on the wall.

Ella playing with her new birdie.

Here are some pictures from our watercolor party.

Our beautiful artists.

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  1. merilee says:

    What beautiful pictures. And how nice to see art appreciation as well as art participation. You are raising a beautiful and well rounded child. Love you. Mom

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