Sunday in a long sleeved leotard

It was a typical San Francisco summer day today weather wise – cold, gloomy, windy. It was definitely not sun dress weather. After breakfast, Ella told me that she wanted to wear a leotard, tights and a tutu. I seized the moment and took out a long sleeved leotard to see what she would do. She had no problem with it which was great because we were planning on taking her outside and we knew that it was going to be difficult to get her to put on a jacket or sweatshirt. I went to get a massage this afternoon and mommy and Becca took Ella for a walk to a new dog park by our house. Becca took Tucker and her sister Leslie’s dog Pogo. Ella played with the dogs, made some big bubbles with a wand that mommy bought and had a hot chocolate at Phil’s.

Dancing with ballerina Zoe.

Ella decided to put on all of her jewelry.

Mommy and Ella were fooling around after I left. Here is Ella with Gigi the cat on her head.

Here are Ella, Becca, Pogo and Tucker on the way to the dog park. Ella wanted to ride her bicycle today.

Check out the HUGE bubble that Ella made.

Looks like Becca is telling Ella a good secret.

Hot chocolate at Phil’s.

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  1. merilee says:

    Sorry nI hadn’t called you. Wanted not to be a nudge. We had such a wonderful time with you, and are wo happy that Ella has adjusted back to SF time and life so easily. she is a special little girl. Love you. Mom

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