Sun dress compromise

So we’re back in SF and it is much colder than it was in NY. The days get up to 68ยบ maybe. The first thing Ella says when she wakes up in the morning is, “I want to put on a sun dress”. We put on her right away. Then she says, “I can wear a sun dress only in the house”. We have worked it out so that she wears sweatpants or jeans or leggings with her sun dresses. She still won’t wear a sweatshirt or jacket but lets us bring one “just in case”. Today we took our regular Saturday walk to the Ferry Building and then had dinner at Moki’s tonight with Phyllis and my friend Amy from NY who now lives here. We had a great time.

Here is Ella’s sun dress compromise outfit. She seems fine with the pants.

On our way to the Ferry Building, we saw these happy face pinwheels. Ella stopped to touch each one.

After Ella touched every pinwheel and ran around she yelled, “I am happy”.

Here’s the gang at Moki’s enjoying Ella’s ice cream and each other.

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