The diner and the hippo park

Yesterday, we went into NY to have a visit with our friend Tina. We met at a diner and Ella sat in a booster seat for the first time! She did a great job.

Ella sitting in her booster seat

Tina gave Ella a cool ball for a present. Ella looked at Tina and said, “Thank you Tina”. We asked her what she was thanking Tina for and she said, “Thank you for the present Tina…thank you for the ball Tina.” Ella is becoming such a big girl. She had a great time with Tina.

After lunch, we all went down to Riverside park to go to the hippo playground. Ella had so much fun with the hippo and the water. She also climbed up a slide all by herself and went down all by herself! Here is a little movie of our time in the park.

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