Sunday in the park

Sunny and I took Ella to NY with the intention to go to the Museum of Natural History. When we got close, Ella saw the park and told us that she wanted to go there. We went to a playground in the park. Ella had a great time on the swings and slide and then wanted to try something new. There was a big sprinkler/spout of water in the park and Ella really wanted to get wet. We took off her shorts and t-shirt and let her run around in the water with her diaper and shoes. She had a blast. After the park, we met our friends Sarah and Pato for some coffee. Ella liked meeting them. At the end of the visit, she sang a lot of songs for them.

When we came home, Ella had some dinner and then grandma and papa gave her a bath. After the bath, Ella started getting ready for bed. We have had some issues with Ella waking up once in the night. The other night, we tried something new. We gave her a bottle and then let her run around and play. After about 45 minutes, we changed her diaper and she went to bed. That night, she slept through the night. We also taught Ella to say, “I will sleep through the night”. Then we all clap and say “Yay”. Tonight, Ella said, “I will sleep through the night” “YAY” and then she said “Papa will sleep through the night, grandma will sleep through the night, mama will sleep through the night, mommy will sleep through the night…” That all made sense to us since we were all in the room with her. Then she said, “Stella will sleep through the night, Juliet will sleep through the night, Helen will sleep through the night, Ronny will sleep through the night”. Did you hear that Arena family? You will all sleep through the night. YAY!

Sunny and I are going away for the night to Foxwoods Casino and Resort. We will have no responsibilities for 30 hours. I wonder what that will feel like. We’ll check back in on Wednesday.

Ella the hillbilly in her diaper and shoes

Running through Central Park almost naked

Smiling with grandma

Brushing teeth with papa. Ella is a tooth brushing addict

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