Ballerina in the sand box

Today was a sweet day – pretty low key. Ella wanted to wear her leotard and tights in the house and that was fine. When it was time to go to the park, we let her stay in her outfit and she was so happy. We met up with a friend of Becca’s and a little girl that she was babysitting and Ella hung out with her for a little while. Tonight, we took a family walk over to Borders. Ella agreed to wear a new sweatshirt that I bought her for the baseball games. She also wore pants. This was a big deal. We are learning how to negotiate the clothing issue. The tantrums are getting shorter and shorter.

Our little ballerina about to touch the sand.

Mommy and Ella riding the animal things in the park.

What a little beauty.

Ella giving her new friend Hannah a hug.

Ella’s evening outfit (she even picked the matching shoes all by herself).

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  1. merilee says:

    Whew! Our children are wonderful teachers. Ask me. Love you. Mom

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