Pony ride, train ride and carousel ride

What a great Wednesday. The rain finally stopped – still dark and cool outside, but we decided to take Ella to Van Saun Park. Ella had her first pony ride today. She was a trip. She just went right on the pony without any real reaction. Sunny and the guy walked with Ella and she just bounced along. She went around the “track” 4 times! It was a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. After the pony, we went on a little train ride around the zoo. Ella sat with grandma and waved at people, watched the animals go by and enjoyed going through a tunnel. What’s a great park without a carousel? Ella spotted the carousel when we were just finishing the train. We took her over there and she went on it twice. Sunny and I watched Ella and grandma go around and around. It was a fun filled hour. We didn’t even make it into the zoo – Ella was getting a little sleepy. Tonight we went into NY and had dinner with Nicky B and then after dinner, we went back to Nicky’s house so that Ella could play with Mimi again. It was a full beautiful day and night.

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