Ava’s tutu birthday party

Today we went to a really sweet birthday party. Ella’s friend Ava had her second birthday party at a place called Tutu School. Ella arrived wearing her leotard, tights and tutu. This party was right up her alley. She was the first to arrive so she had first choice on a brand new tutu. Ella picked a purple one which she is in love with. Another part of the party was decorating a crown which Ella also fell in love with and didn’t take off for the entire party. She was pretty shy coming into the place and after about 10 minutes, she let her guard down and just seemed so comfortable. She sat between the teachers during the circle activities and didn’t really look for us. The party was so cute and the kids were so cute. I have lots of movie footage and will make a movie in the next few days. For now, enjoy some sweet pictures of Ella.

Ella wearing her new tutu and crown.

Ella participating in the activities.

Holding hands with both teachers.

I guess we both open our mouths when we color.

Ella’s favorite…cupcake frosting!

Mommy and Ella hanging out.

Ella dancing in the mirror with her new wand.

Ella and the birthday girl Ava.

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  1. merilee says:

    Dare we buy Ella a pair of ballet slippers? I fear she’d never take them off. love you. Mom

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