Eating chicken and watering plants

Tonight we went over to Phyllis’ house to have dinner with Phyllis, Hannah, Naomi and Phyllis’ mom Alice. Alice is visiting from LA. Alice is incredible… she’s almost 90 and more with it than people I know who are my age! We had a great dinner. During dinner, Phyllis offered Ella some chicken – we were going to take a piece and cut it up for her. Instead, Ella grabbed the chicken leg and munched away. This was the first time she has had a chicken leg in her hand and of course I had the camera. After dinner, Ella helped Phyllis water her flowers. We came home and there was “Opera in the Park”. There was a free broadcast of the opera on the Jumbotron. We didn’t go in because Ella fell asleep, but we stood outside and listened to the music. It was about 85ยบ tonight, unheard of for SF, and we took advantage of it by staying out until 9:45 talking to friends and neighbors that we bumped into.

Getting ready to go out to dinner.

Ella and her chicken leg.

What a beautiful ice cream mustache!

Watering the flowers with Auntie Pie.

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  1. merilee says:

    I love our little cave-girl; between the lamb chop and the chicken leg, Ella has proved to be no vegan. Her ringlets on her neck are beautiful. Love you. Mom

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