My Gym, swimming, Elmo Grows Up…

Today was a gorgeous day – Ella got her wish and wore a “sun dress” (really a tank top) and a sporty skirt/shorts thing. My Gym was great as usual. I took Ella swimming in the afternoon and we had a blast. This is her second time swimming this week. This evening, we had a ladies night out. Helen, Sunny and I took the girls to see this show Elmo Grows Up at the Oracle Arena. The girls were fantastic and I think they all had a great time. Ella’s heart started beating so quickly when the show started and didn’t really slow down. She was mesmerized.

Ella walking down the street to My Gym

Having fun at My Gym

Sweet Ella in the Zen Garden.

Ella has pretty much perfected her smile for pictures. She even says, “Smile!”

Ella and Juliet took each other’s hands and walked together into the Elmo thing.

This was just a really cute sequence of the girls all grown up. They each had their own ticket, gave the tickets to the woman, and then went through the turnstile by themselves.

Look, it’s ballerina Zoe!

Here are Helen and the girls. Stella almost finished that whole thing of popcorn.

Ella did not take her eyes off the stage.

Another sweet picture Helen and the girls.

The 3 of us.

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  1. merilee says:

    I would love to hear Ella tell the tale of the experience of the play. She looks enraptured. What a big girl! Love you. Mom

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