Rain rain go away

Oy – the weather has been pretty bad. The rain hasn’t really let up for a few days. Today we decided to try to take Ella to an indoor play area. We thought it would be something like My Gym in SF, but it wasn’t at all. It was a place that would probably be a 10 year old’s dream – video games, bowling, junk food, basketball, a big climbing maze…not too much for a 21 month old, her moms and grandma to do. There was, however a caterpillar train that we spent a lot of time on.

The video on the bottom of this post is a video of the crazy caterpillar train

It was still sprinkling out when we got out of the crazy caterpillar train place, but Sunny and I had plans to go to the Mets game with Nicky B. We dropped grandma and Ella off, drove into NY to pick up Nicky B and the three of us made the adventure into Queens to see the mighty Mets. It felt like an April San Francisco game…cold and wet. We made it a few innings.

That’s not fog in the lights – it’s rain. Notice that there are about 100 people in the seats.

We were just happy to be together! Nice Giants hat Nicky B!

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