October 2015 – Beautiful visit from Grandma and Papa, Halloween and much more

1-1.jpg1-8.jpgElla was testing out the fan on her Baymax costume.  It worked perfectly up until Halloween!

1-9.jpg1-10.jpgReactions from Ella and Juliet when we tried to talk to the about puberty! It’s going to be a long few years.

1-24.jpg1-25.jpg A beautiful day on the Embarcadero.

1-3.jpg Baymax visited with Emmi and Panda today!1-4.jpg1-5.jpg1-6.jpg We took Ella and some friends rock climbing.  Ella really loves it.1-51.jpg1-52.jpgWalking over to a new restaurant called Zero Zero.


1-17.jpgLove these guys!

1-18.jpg Ella was not happy about Grandma writing “sex” in her Bananagrams words.1-40.jpg1-41.jpg1-42.jpg1-43.jpg1-44.jpgSweet day at the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. 1-12.jpg1-13.jpgWe had an awesome dinner at Alexanders.  Nothing like cotton candy after a 3 hour meal!

1-27.jpg1-28.jpg1-29.jpg1-30.jpg We decided to mix it up and go to Coyote Point.  We all had a great time with Grandma and Papa.

1-31.jpgThis was the face that Ella used to make when she had to pee.

1-11.jpg So  this is a little inside joke that Ella and Grandma have…Grandma once took Ella to see an Alvin and The Chipmunks movie and she felt tortured!  Guess what grandma -there’s a new Alvin and The Chipmunks movie coming out and Ella can’t wait to see it with you!

1-2.jpg Sweet Ella having her tea before school. 1-47.jpg1-48.jpgThese two are growing up way too fast!

1-49.jpg 1-1-1.jpgA bunch of staff members from my school had a bonfire at the beach.  Sunny was the master marshmallow cooker.

1-22.jpg Racquetball anyone?

1-23.jpg Ella giving Panda a bath.

1-46.jpgHere are Sunny and Ella at a farmer’s market by our house.  They were learning to bake an apple pie.

1-45.jpg Beautiful rainbow in my work parking lot.1-14.jpg1-15.jpg1-16.jpg Ella’s 4th grade class did an amazing assembly on National Parks.1-32.jpg1-33.jpg1-34.jpg1-35.jpg1-36.jpg1-37.jpgI flew to NY for an amazing show that AJ wrote and performed.  The weekend was Halloween weekend so although I missed Halloween with Ella and Sunny, I did get to spend Halloween with your NY family!  Here are some pics from a little party that Jordin and Kevin had.

1-38.jpg1-39.jpg Here is Grandma and Papa’s house on Halloween.  Hen and Grandma did a great job!

1-19.jpg1-20.jpg1-21.jpg1-26.jpgMeanwhile, back in SF, Ella switched from Baymax to a vampire and had an amazing Halloween with friends.

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    Wonderful! Thanks for posting. Love you. Mom

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