Ella’s week at Camp Winnarainbow

Ella had an amazing week at Camp Winnarainbow – her first time at sleep away camp, and her moms made it through the week without missing her too much!  The pictures in the first part of this blog were taken by Ella.  She took a camera with her to camp and took some sweet shots and fun videos.  Here are the pics.

1a.jpgThe teepee circle

1b.jpg Tight rope practice place.

1c.jpg Aerial practice place.

1d.jpgNurse’s dome.

1e.jpg Dinner menu!

1f.jpg Chocolate pudding.

1g.jpgTurquoise teepee (the place where Ella slept for the week!)

1h.jpgThe rainbow stage.

1j.jpg Another look at the tightrope area.

1i.jpgAnother shot of the turquoise tent.

1k.jpg The road to the lake.

1l.jpg The lake – Ella passed the difficult swim test.

1m.jpg The campfire!

1n.jpg Great shot.

115.jpgLooks like a selfie to me!

215.jpg39.jpg44.jpg54.jpg64.jpg74.jpg83.jpg93.jpg123.jpg163.jpgElla explained her teepee experience as a group of girls who were sisters for the week.  She said that they felt like a family.  I know that she loved being there with Stella and Juliet and that she also made some new friends.  The counselors told us that they were the best group of girls that they ever had.  Ella even bragged about the teepee winning the cleanest tent award!  They were rewarded with M&M’s.  Here are a few more pics from Ella’s camera.

103.jpg116.jpg133.jpg142.jpg153.jpg The next group of pics are taken from my perspective.  The shots of Sunny, Ella and I were taken by Karen who was visiting from NY.  Thank you for taking these pics!

173.jpg183.jpg Not exactly your “traditional” camp!

193.jpg203.jpg216.jpg223.jpg232.jpg Reunited and it feels so good!  We love you so much Ella!

242.jpg A little unicycle action.

252.jpg A new friend Cadence.

262.jpg272.jpg Very sweet closing show.  I have videos that I will throw together which show Ella doing gymnastics and some aerial stuff.

282.jpg291.jpg301.jpg Back in SF, Ella started rock climbing camp today.  She successfully did the purple path today!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! Camp seems like pure joy to Ella! So happy she had a wonderful time. Love you. Mom

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