Ella’ first time at sleep away camp!

Well – today Helen and I dropped off Ella, Stella and Juliet to Camp Winnarainbow.  Ella was sooooooo excited to go.  Last night, Sunny, Ella and I were talking and we asked her how she was feeling about going to camp.  She said, “I’m really excited, and a little scared”.  We told her that it was natural to be scared.  Then she said, “Do you want to know why I’m scared?”  We said “sure”.  She then told us that she was afraid that she had lice and would not be able to go to camp.  Here’s the back story – the camp has a zero lice policy.  When you check in, you have to go and get your head checked and if you have lice, you have to go home until you get rid of them.  Ella had lice in the second grade – over a year ago, and I think it traumatized her.  Needless to say, she did not have lice and at this moment, is hopefully sound asleep in the Turquoise teepee!  Here are some pics from today.

113.jpgLast family selfie until Saturday.

213.jpg38.jpg Hugs and kisses for mommy who had to work today!

43.jpgExcited girls on a lunch break from our road trip.

53.jpg63.jpg73.jpg In the parking lot headed over to camp.  It was a HOT day!

82.jpg Glamorous Stella!

92.jpg Such happiness!

102.jpg This X means that she has NO LICE!

114.jpg Talking to the nurse.

122.jpg So wonderful to see Ella so excited!

132.jpgOne more selfie.

152.jpg Checking out the teepee and meeting a new friend.

162.jpg Now it’s getting really exciting.  This was about 5 minutes before the girls told us to leave!

172.jpg This is Cadence.  She’s also in the turquoise teepee.  I think the counselor was making funny faces behind my back while I was taking this.

182.jpg The Teepee panorama style.  Ella will be sleeping between Stella and Juliet.

192.jpgElla and her “adult” counselors Xanthia and Josie.  An adult at Camp Winnarainbow is someone who is over 18.

202.jpg Helen and I are about to be evicted!

214.jpgThis is the life!

222.jpgThis is the teepee village.

I think Ella is going to have an amazing week.  We will miss her but are so happy for her!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella looks soooo happy! Can’t wait to hear all about her week at camp. Love you. Mom

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