Ella and some amazing activities…

Ella has had 3 weeks full of so much fun.  I will illustrate her fun with photos…

1.jpg2.jpg Ella and I took our first adventure on the Cal Train.  We were heading to the Makers Faire somewhere on the way to San Jose.  We even sat on the top deck.  It was really fun and much better than getting stuck in traffic.

3.jpg4.jpg While we were looking for Heather, Andy, Elaine, Chloe, Oscar, Heather’s dad and uncle.  Wow – we were looking for a lot of people!  And we finally found them…

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg 8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpgElla had a blast and really loved seeing Heather and hanging out with the kids.

13.jpg Ella and her friend Marlowe after pajama day at school.

14.jpg There’s a big election coming up in San Francisco.  Ella has joined on our quest to get Vicki Hennessy elected!

15.jpgMy beauties on the morning of my birthday.  Chocolate croissant birthday treat!

16.jpg The three of us on the morning of my birthday.

17.jpg18.jpgBirthday fun at Benihana.

19.jpg Sweet Ella waiting for the train.

20.jpg21.jpg22.jpgSo much fun with cousins Izze and India at Dim Sum.

23.jpg24.jpg Ella went rock climbing with Izze and India.  All of the girls did a great job.  Ella loved it so much that she is going to go to this place for camp for a week!

25.jpg Fun with Stella and Juliet.  This picture looks like I probably said something inappropriate.

26.jpg26a.jpg27.jpgElla took Juliet to iFly SF – indoor skydiving, for her birthday.  The girls were amazing, fearless flyers!  I will post some movies tomorrow.

28.jpg29.jpg30.jpg This past Saturday, we volunteered for the Giants Community fund glove drive.  Ella collected glove, counted money, and loaded all of the gloves on the table.

31.jpg Sunny and I had a sweet Sunday afternoon baseball date.  The Giants lost, but we had so much fun.

32.jpg33.jpg34.jpg35.jpg Ella spent Friday night and Saturday with her friends at Lexy’s sleepover party.  Looks like the girls had a blast!

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a fabulous life! So much adventure! Can’t wait to see you all. Love you.

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