Willy Wonka, cooking, baseball and a trip to Santa Cruz

It’s so hard to believe it’s May already!  Seems like time has flown by.  Ella had her Musical Theatre Works production of Willy Wonka last week.  It was very sweet. Ella did a great job.  There is video at the end of this post of the main songs and Ella saying her 2 lines.  It’s the kind of video that family and close friends will love so I’m sure you will all enjoy it.  We have been to a baseball game since the night with Stella and Juliet and although the Giants are doing much better, they kind of stunk on Saturday night.  Good thing the season is so long.  Ella had a very important “first time” experience on the weekend of Grandma’s birthday…Ella went to Santa Cruz with Emmi and her family and another one of Emmi’s friends.  It was the first time that Ella went away with a family that wasn’t ours and she loved it!

12.jpgElla and Panda in the morning.

26.jpg38.jpgWilly Wonka!  Ella was Charlie at the end of the show which is why she’s wearing that vest.

41.jpg Panda is so happy that Ella is home from school!

51.jpg61.jpg71.jpg Ella preparing broccolini for dinner.  She looks so grown up.  The step stool helped her look very tall.

81.jpg91.jpg101.jpg111.jpg121.jpg Fun with Emmi at the baseball game.

131.jpg Reading with her buddy Sophie.

14a.jpg Ella, Emmi’s sister and Emmi’s friend with the big surprise for Emmi.

141.jpg Ella looks quite comfortable in the little hotel.

14b.jpg Girls in Santa Cruz.

151.jpgElla made it to the top!

161.jpg16a.jpg More Santa Cruz fun!

And here is the Willy Wonka video…

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  1. Grandma says:

    So grown up! And beautiful! Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

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