An important “first”

Today was a gloomy, rainy cold day.  I didn’t even take any pictures.  My mom and I drove out on the highway with Ella to take her to a carousel in a mall in NJ.  That is true love.  The important first was that Ella was eating broccoli tonight and she was really into it.  She was just shoving it into her mouth and chewing hard and all of a sudden she started crying.  We looked over at her and she bit her finger thinking it was broccoli.  Grandma asked her if she bit the broccoli and her finger and Ella looked over at her, still crying, and let out a big, “YES”.  Poor baby.  She had a big tooth mark on her finger.  She quickly recovered after we put ice on it.

Another different thing happened tonight.  First of all, Ella actually fell asleep at 8:45 which was incredible.  As I was putting her to sleep, I turned off the light in her room.  She began to cry and said, “no dark, no dark”.  I quickly turned on a little light in her room and that seemed to do the trick.  It’s so great that she is able to communicate to us.  Ok – hopefully tomorrow will be beautiful and I’ll take lots of pictures.

Only 2 more days for Sunny to get here.  Would you please hurry up?????  We love you & miss you like crazy.

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  1. Sunny/mommy says:

    <p><p><p>Oh my goodness, our baby is growing so much! Broccoli and fingers can be tough! Grandma is so smart to figure that out so quickly! Ella you never have to sleep in the dark if you don’t want to, I promise, I love your mama for knowing that too and for everything! I love you soooo much and 2 days isn’t soon enough but thanks God, we’re over the hump–I can’t wait to see you and see all the 7 day growth in Ella and everyone! </p><br /><br />
    P.S. Barry hit #758 tonight and I flashed back to just last year, May 28, 2006, Ella was sleeping in my arms, when Barry hit #715 tying Babe Ruth’s record- even with all the fireworks and streamers dropping on us, you remained sleeping peacefully. Wow time sure is amazing and magical, especially with you Ella and your Mama and our beautiful family and friends! Off to Chicago tomorrow–See you soon! xoxoxoxo</p></p>

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