More adventures with Ella and Milo

I left off on Friday night so here is Saturday and Sunday… once again, we LOVED having Jamie and Milo with us last week.  Here are some more pics.

2.jpg3.jpg Milo really wanted to ride on the train so we headed downtown on the Muni.

4.jpg5.jpg Having fun at the mall.

7.jpg8.jpg 9.jpg10.jpg10a.jpg10b.jpgBubbles in the zen garden.

6.jpg11.jpg12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpgWe had a lot of fun at the beach.  It was a little windy and began to get cold after about 45 mins, but so different than what AJ and Milo were living with in NY.

17.jpg Bedtime story.

18.jpg Posing with Willie Mays never gets old!

19.jpg Sister selfie

20.jpg One last walk/scooter ride with out heavy jackets for AJ and Milo.

21.jpg22.jpgShots taken through a fence at Ella’s futile practice.  Her team remains undefeated.  Tomorrow is the last game of the season and then they will go to the playoffs.

This next video was taken at a Little Kids Rock teacher’s professional development that I went to on Thursday night.  Sunny had a meeting so I took Ella to the training.  The teacher was showing us some Blues riffs that we can teach our students.  Ella joined in after she finished her homework and was jamming on the electric guitar.  I have never taught her anything on the guitar and that short lesson made her want to play the guitar!  She was terrific!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous guitar playing! And of course beautiful pictures of Ella and Milo. (And of course of you and Jamie) love you. Mom

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