Milo and AJ are here!!!!

Wednesday afternoon was a super happy special day for us!  AJ and Milo arrived in SF.  Once I got off work, I picked up Milo and AJ and we went to pick up Ella from school/camp…here is the first official shot of Ella and Milo together (with one of the CDS sheep in the background).


We had a low key evening – Milo was on NY time and fell asleep at around 7:00.  We are planning on having fun filled days and mellow nights because we don’t want Milo to get too used to the time change… he has school on Monday and needs to be able to wake up!

Day two was spent at Golden Gate Park and the Academy of Science.  Sunny came back from LA in the afternoon and we all had dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and celebrated the Chinese New Year.

2a.jpgElla with the high climb!

21.jpg31.jpg4.jpg The kids were having so much fun playing soccer with each other!

51.jpg61.jpg Not so sure that such cute kids really look that tough!

71.jpg8.jpgSome serious swinging was going on.

91.jpg Ella was catching a wave and Milo was catching the ball.

101.jpg111.jpg121.jpg13.jpg Fun in the sand.  What is really mind blowing is that Milo was sledding in NY two days before this picture was taken.  It must feel good to be able to play outside in a t-shirt and “shorts”.

14.jpgCousins in the rain forest.

15.jpg Beautiful Ella.

16.jpg17.jpg Tide pool touching zone…I don’t think this woman war ready for Milo’s questions!

18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg You can’t spend time at the Academy without hanging out in front of the GIANT fish tank!

21a.jpg21b.jpg21c.jpg Morning fun at Dolores Park.

211.jpg These two love each other so much – it’s been wonderful watching them spend such great time together.

22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg25.jpgBungee fun!

26.jpgThe kids were having fun on the piano steps and then Ella noticed that on the side of the building it said “Mirror House”.   The kids really wanted to go in and Jamie and I really didn’t, but we all went and the kids had fun – we were both totally panicked and disoriented.  Milo loved it so much that he wanted to do it again…and we did!

27.jpg Crazy people in the Mirror House.

28.jpg Playing “Schemer” right before Milo went to sleep.

29.jpgEnding a beautiful day with bananagrams – and Ella and AJ having some decaf!

Here is a quick time lapse movie of Milo, Jamie and Ella going down the slide at Dolores Park.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous pictures! So happy you guys are together. Love you. Mom

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