I have let too much time go by!

I will try to keep up with this blog and our busy lives!  Let me first begin with a beautiful visit that we had from Nikki B about 2 weeks ago… 1.jpgSelfie at Ella’s soccer game. 2.jpgNikki B took us out to a delicious dinner at the Slanted Door to celebrate Sunny’s 60th. 3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg7.jpg8.jpg Ella had some amazing cotton candy for dessert.  She loved every bite! 6.jpg I had a little fun with the cotton candy too! 9.jpg On the walk home… 10.jpg Ella and Nikki B made all of these creatures!  Talk about patience. 11.jpgRosh Hashanah.  Someone is peeking! 12.jpg Our last date night of the 2014 regular season. 14.jpgAs a family, we took part in a 5K for breast cancer.  The head of the middle school at Ella’s school recently died of breast cancer, so a whole bunch of families from Ella’s school walked or ran in her memory.  Ella is her daughter’s buddy this year at school. 13.jpgHere is Ella and her buddy Sophie and two of Ella’s friends Marlowe and Jasmine. 15.jpgCDS representing for Josee! 17.jpgBuddies! 16.jpg Ella and her friends. 18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg Ella and Emmi – forever goofy and wonderful. 21.jpg The homegirl.  I’m not sure what sign she’s throwing up. 22.jpgEarly morning love. 23.jpg24.jpg The wildcard game was out of town, but the Giants opened up AT&T park so that the fans could watch together on the jumbo tron.  Sunny was on her way back from LA and met us at the ballpark during the 7th inning.  We all watched the Giants win the wildcard that night.  It was a lot of fun! 25.jpg26.jpg27.jpg28.jpg29.jpg30.jpg31.jpg Shots from the classroom.  Thank you so much Colette.  If you are reading this, we truly appreciate each and every picture that you send us.  It’s amazing to be able to see Ella while she is learning and thriving!

2 Responses to “I have let too much time go by!”

  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see you all. Love you. Mom

  2. AJ says:

    That cotton candy was no joke. I’m not showing Milo!
    I think that Ella was throwing an “E”
    LOVE YOU!!!

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