Continuation of Ella’s most excellent summer!

Since coming home from Hawaii, Ella has been to soccer camp, tennis/swimming/skateboard camp and now she is in circus camp.  Our cousins Georgia and Bronwen are visiting from NY and we already had a really fun dinner together.  They are going to sleep over this weekend.  Ella has spent a lot of time with Stella and Juliet (who are now in Hawaii) and who also moved to another apartment across the street.  I don’t thing it has sunk in for any of us, but the Kim/Arena clan are no longer our next door neighbors.  With them being across the street, it will help with the adjustment for the next year until they move into their new home.  We will be having many Friday night movie nights together this year!  Ella also spent a few hours with me at work on Sunday.  She brought her Heeleys and had a lot of fun skating around the hallways at my school.  Notice in the video that while Ella was having a blast, the school is kind of falling apart.  We never got the opportunity to watch Ella at tennis camp so I never got any pictures there.  Today, I picked Ella up from Circus Camp and she showed off her skills on the stilts.  That is also in the video.

110.jpg Ella before soccer camp.

210.jpg Beyonce and Jay-Z had 2 concerts at AT&T Park.  Here we are taking a walk around the park and listening to the show.

310.jpg410.jpg510.jpg Ella and her cousins!  She loves hanging to with them.  Georgia was cracking Ella up!

610.jpg Heading over to our first ballgame in a while.  Giants came back from a 1 – 5 score and won 6-5!

72.jpg A shot of my classroom that Ella helped me set up.

91.jpg101.jpg Fun at Circus Camp.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella is amazing on stilts! So happy she’s enjoying the rest of the summer. Miss you. Love you. Mom

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