An amazing 3 weeks back east!

We just came back from 3 weeks at grandma and papa’s house.  We had such a wonderful trip this summer.  We spent the entire 3 weeks with grandma, papa and Milo.  We got to spend 2 weeks with AJ.  We saw many friends and family members, did a lot of fun things, swam, golfed and just loved being with family.  Thank you grandma and papa for abandoning your routines, welcoming us with open arms and loving us the way you do.  We love you so much.

1.jpg Cousins reunited.  Milo introduced Ella  to the Octonauts this summer.

2.jpg3.jpg Ella got right back into diving without missing a beat!

4.jpg5.jpg Hakuna Matata.  Grandma took all of us to see the Lion King.  We all loved it.  

6.jpg7.jpg Fun at the new Overpeck Park.

8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg Adrienne, Zachary and Lexy visited us at grandma and papa’s.  The kids had a great time together and it was sweet having a baby in the house.

11.jpg Ella read Milo a bedtime story almost every night.  She loved doing this.

12.jpgThis is one of Ella and Milo’s favorite things to do – ride in the golf cart with papa!

13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpgAfter the first week, we decided that it would be fun to buy and underwater camera.  We sure had a lot of fun with it.

20.jpg21.jpg22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg Special times with papa on the golf course.

25.jpgBeautiful AJ.

26.jpg27.jpg28.jpg29.jpg30.jpg31.jpg We took the kids to this crazy carnival in Leonia.  It was pretty awful, but the kids loved it.  Milo especially loved the bumper cars.

32.jpg33.jpg34.jpg35.jpg36.jpg Here we are at the Leonia pool.  Brickelle, Akilah and Brooklyn joined us for the day.  Ella had a great time with Brickelle.

37.jpg38.jpg So much love for grandma!

39.jpg Ella and her friend Emma.

40.jpg41.jpg Ella and AJ made some amazing chocolate chip, coconut, oat meal cookies.

42.jpg43.jpg44.jpg45.jpg46.jpg47.jpg48.jpg49.jpg We spent the day at the Bronx Zoo.  We went on a dinosaur safari, saw a 4-D movie, rode on a camel, went on a monorail and saw lots of animals.  Ella loved seeing peacocks wandering around the zoo.

50.jpg51.jpg52.jpg53.jpg54.jpg In case you couldn’t tell, Ella is totally in love with grandma and papa.

55.jpg Milo and Ella playing with the Octonauts on the terrace.

56.jpg Grandma helping Milo with floating.

57.jpg Grandma and Nikki B have the same taste in sun hats!

58.jpg Mommy is in da house!  Mommy came for a long weekend and it was wonderful to have her with us.

59.jpg60.jpg Nikki B brought Ella this really cool mini panda lego thing.   

60a.jpg KK joined us for dinner.  Here is Ella showing KK and Nikki B her earring collection.

61.jpg62.jpg63.jpg We spent the day at the Liberty Science Museum.  Ella, Mommy and I all walked the construction site plank.  Videos will follow in a few weeks.  Ella also touched a snake and hung on that thing for 102 seconds!

64.jpg65.jpg66.jpg67.jpg All of these shots were taken at Kiku on Milo’s birthday.  Jay, Donna and Vaughn joined us.  A good time was had by all.

68.jpg Fireflies!

69.jpg70.jpg Ella took some golf lessons at Papa’s club.  She loved them.

71.jpg Grandma and Milo playing Connect 4.

72.jpg73.jpg74.jpg75.jpg76.jpg77.jpg78.jpg79.jpg80.jpg81.jpgThese were taken at the Museum of Natural History.  We met Jordin, Twyla and Claudius there.  The kids went crazy for the dinosaurs and had a great time with each other.  Grandma, Ella, Milo and I saw a really cool 3-D movie on great white sharks.

 82.jpgHere are Ella and Stella after Stella’s AMAZING performance in Hairspray.

83.jpg84.jpg Loved going up a few minutes early and watching Ella hit the golf ball.  She’s a natural.

85a.jpg85b.jpg Beautiful people!

85.jpgLuckiest grandchildren in the world!

86.jpg87.jpg88.jpg Some after dinner outdoor fun.

89.jpg Cousin love.

90.jpg Grandma and Ella chillin at the club.

91.jpg92.jpg Tess and Vida came to visit with David and Jennie.  The kids had fun at the park together.

93.jpg Mr. Laser beam!

94.jpg95.jpg96.jpg More outdoor fun in front of the house.

97.jpg98.jpg Crazy sister love.

99.jpg Time to go back to SF!  Thank you for an amazing 3 weeks.  Love you guys.

100.jpg My view of Panda on the airplane.  He’s a great little traveler.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous! What a wonderful three weeks! Miss you so much. Love you. Mom

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