…and summer is underway!

Can’t believe two weeks have gone by since my last entry.  On June 21, we had an amazing birthday party for Sunny and Phyllis.  Ella didn’t come, but she heard all about it and saw lots of pictures.  I will post the pics when we come back from NY.  It was a great party full of so much love and so much fun.  Ella has completed two weeks of camp.  First, she went to golf camp and this week she went to SPCA camp.  Here are some pics from the past 2 weeks…

112.jpg Ella reading at breakfast – what a beautiful sight.

28.jpg Ella learned a lot about dog behavior this week at SPCA camp.  She made some observations about Panda.  The biggest observation that she made was that he is happy!

310.jpg43.jpg52.jpg Sunny and I were part of history on Wednesday.  We were at the game against San Diego where Tim Lincecum pitched his no hitter.  It was so exciting!

62.jpgPajama day at SPCA camp!  The girls had a blast there together.

While they were at SPCA camp, the girls made a PSA on Animal Testing.  Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5CvnY3gFqg&list=PLrQnnOABbepyklt6jnXfQOwpWp_x98vvT&index=6

72.jpgA visit to ACC after SPCA camp.

The girls decided that they wanted to have a lemonade stand and sell cookies and lemonade and donate the money to ACC.  Here are a series of pictures showing them creating the signs, the actual signs, and the big day today where they raised $75!

102.jpg 113.jpg

82.jpg 92.jpg122.jpg132.jpg

One last thing… On Thursday, Ella found out which class she is going to be in next year.  She is in Colette and Kay’s class again. Sunny and I were thrilled but guess who was even more thrilled…check out the video below!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great catch up pics! And now you’re here! In person! The best! Love you, Mom

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