Another milestone – Ella was fitted for two retainers!

On Thursday, Sunny took Ella to the orthodontist for the first time.  Ella is beautiful in every way but her teeth could use a little help.  The tops have multiple teeth living in one space and the bottoms are very crowded.  These days, they use retainers to try to avoid pulling teeth to make room.  Ella chose a hot pink background with rainbow sparkles.  They should be ready in a few weeks.  Ella has to wear them all day and night and only take them out to brush her teeth.  Let the fun begin!

22.jpg32.jpg42.jpg16.jpg What a beautiful sweet love.

Today was Ella’s first soccer game of the season.  We missed last week’s game because we were in Az.  The Black Widows lost but they just need a little more education on what they all need to do to win and they can totally do it!

52.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpgFun fun fun after the game.  Ella is sleeping over at Emmi’s tonight.  We love you Ella!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Braces! Sorry, retainers! Too much for me to absorb. Sounds like teenage stuff! Glad to see soccer has begun. Can’t wait to see you all. Love you. Mom

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