Some serious catching up

OK – life has been beautiful and super busy!  Here are some pics from the past month.  The highlight of the month was that grandma and papa came to visit and we all had a fantastic time together.  Ella continues to thrive in school and was so excited to go back after a week off.  This makes us so happy.  Soccer starts up soon, Ella is loving her new musical theatre class and is excited to do Matilda.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg A few weeks ago, Ella and I had a really sweet day at the Oakland Zoo.

4.jpg Ron set up this tent in Stella, Juliet and KJ’s room.  The tent sleeps 10.  Ella had an amazing time.

5.jpg 6.jpg

7.jpgGrandma took Ella ice skating twice when she was here.  Ella loved it so much and bumped into a lot of friends at the rink.

8.jpg 9.jpgBeautiful day when papa arrived.

9a.jpg Grandma is showing something very interesting to Ella, Papa and Panda.

10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg Grandma and Ella took a tour of the TCHO chocolate making facility.  They were both in heaven!

13.jpg14.jpg All you need is love!

15.jpg Love the tooth brushing ritual!

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  1. Grandma says:

    We had such a wonderful time with Ella. She is amazing. Love you. Grandma

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