Sweet and wonderful times

We are continuing to have such a wonderful time with grandma and papa.  This past week has been terrific.  We’re doing crazy touristy things and that means large crowds and patience.  All of the adults are making sure that we don’t forget to breathe.  Ella is having a blast.  On Sunday, we went to Pier 39 to the Aquarium by the Bay.  We always have fun there and this time we watched a 3-D movie on sharks which was beautiful and very informative.  Today, mommy had to go to work, but Ella, grandma, papa and I were very brave and went to the Academy along with the 16,000 other families who were in SF for the holidays.  After the Academy we took a beautiful walk around Stowe Lake and tonight played some great games.

113.jpg Beautiful shot of Ella and papa.

27.jpg36.jpg Ella picked out an oyster and got a silver pearl.

46.jpgThis is true love – grandma actually put her hands in the water!  What do you think of the photo bomber behind them?

56.jpg65.jpg Classic shot in front of the giant wall of fish.

75.jpg85.jpg Awesome trio of love.

94.jpg I photo bombed Ella!

103.jpgPlaying an amazing game – I forgot the name but it teaches all about the United States.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We are so happy to be here in San Francisco with you wonderful Schwartz women. You make us feel at home. Love you. Mom

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