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We have been having a wonderful time with grandma and papa here.  Ella wakes up every morning and crawls into bed with them and snuggles for a little while.  Such special times!  On Christmas, Jesse, Heather and Colette met us at Yank Sing for some delicious Dim Sum.  After Dim Sum, everyone came back here and we hung around talking and Ella did a lot of art work and projects.  Colette brought her sweet dog Minka over (beautiful black lab) and Panda seemed to like her.  Panda did have a little man complex and every time he was on one of our laps and Minka came near him, he growled.  They were really great together.  Ella did a lot of drawing with the gift that Jesse and Heather gave her and Heather and Ella worked on a snow/glitter globe project.

On Thursday, mommy had to work so grandma, papa, Ella and I went to Marin to Tennessee Valley and took a really sweet hike down to the beach.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful walk.  In the evening, we met Abigail and Ray for dinner at a sweet little Italian restaurant in our neighborhood.

Today, mommy had to work again, so grandma, papa, Ella and I went to the Marine Mammal center and learned so much about protecting the creatures in the ocean and some of the bad effects of every day human behavior.  After our journey, we went into Sausalito and had lunch.  Tonight, we all had dinner at home and Becca came by to play poker.  Ella is getting good!  She cleaned our clocks.

This has been a really wonderful, relaxing week full of love, spending great time together and exploring!

19.jpg You gotta love the self timer!

25.jpgDoing a little research…

2a.jpgI wonder what Jesse is showing mommy.

3b.jpgArt projects with Heather.  These two can spend hours together creating.

34.jpg44.jpg54.jpg63.jpg73.jpg83.jpg92.jpg102.jpg Tennessee Valley Hike day.  So sweet.

112.jpg121.jpg Learning about how we can destroy marine mammal life.

131.jpg Saw these beautiful deer on the way out.

141.jpg Love in Sausalito.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great pictures. Having a wonderful time. Love you. Mom

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