Winter Break

It is finally sinking in that we are on winter break!  Grandma and papa arrived yesterday and we are all having a great time.  Today, Ella went to see the Nutcracker with grandma and papa.  Reports from the grandparents say that Ella was on the edge of her seat.  She has a much better attention span than I do!  After the Nutcracker, I met the trio for lunch – mommy was still at work.  Tonight, Ella and I learned how to play poker.  Mommy, grandma and papa already knew how.  Ella is a serious gambler.  She won one hand on a bluff and if we were playing with real money, she would have lost her shirt!  She was really funny tonight.

18.jpg Ella in the Zen garden with Juliet and Audrey.  I took this from our bedroom window.

24.jpg Love before the Nutcracker.

33.jpg Ella intently listening to grandma reading the hundred dresses which Ella just received from KK.

43.jpg There was lots of laughter tonight.

53.jpg Ella wants to go all in!

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  1. Grandma says:

    We are having a wonderful time with the Schwartz girls. Loving every minute. Love, Mom

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