Wonderful Chanukah/Thanksgiving visit with grandma and papa

I’m already behind!  Where does the time go?  Grandma and papa were here last week and we had such a beautiful time with them.  The love was perfect, the weather was perfect, the crab was perfect – even the movie Frozen was pretty perfect.  Ella and her grandparents are so in love with each other and it brings us such great joy to watch all of the love.

1.jpg First night of Chanukah selfie.  Good job Sunny!

2.jpg3.jpg Ella blowing bubbles around a cool sculpture down town.

4.jpg5.jpg Waiting to go bungee jumping.

6.jpg7.jpgWatch Ella fly!

8.jpg Ella and her cool motorcycle skills.

9.jpg Second night of Chanukah.

10.jpg11.jpg Papa did really well during our heated game of dreidel.  He just kept hitting gimel, gimel, gimel…

12.jpg Third night of Chanukah.

13.jpg We fought the crowds on Saturday and did a little shopping.

14.jpg15.jpg So much love – Happy Chanukah!  Thanks so much for being with us grandma and papa.  We love you.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We had such a wonderful time with you all. Ella is a joy! Love you. Mom

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