Our beautiful 8 year old in Disney Land

We spent last weekend in Disney Land with Jesse and Heather.  It was a fantastic weekend.  We loved being with Jesse and Heather and loved conquering so many rides at Disney.  Here is the ride list for the two days we were there.


Jungle Cruise

Indiana Jones

Haunted Mansion

Splash Mountain (Lauren and Jesse)

Winnie the Pooh (Sunny and Ella)


Matterhorn (Lauren and Sunny)

Alice in Wonderland (Jesse and Ella)

Snow White

Star Tours

Pirates of the Caribbean

Peter Pan


Disney Train


Monsters Inc


Little Mermaid

Goofy’s Flight School

Jumping Jellyfish (Sunny and Ella)

Toy Stor Mania


Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Radiator Springs Racers

Luigi’s Tires

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Tuck and Roll

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Buzz Lightyear (Sunny, Ella and Jesse)

Space Mountain (Lauren and Heather)

Small World

Here are some shots from the weekend…

17.jpg Here we are at the airport getting ready to head off to LA.

23.jpg A little fruit with some whipped cream.

33.jpg First line of the day…Jungle Cruies.

43.jpgSo much of the weekend looked like this…such sweetness.

52.jpg Me on Splash Mountain with an Australian family.

63.jpg Ella and Jesse about to go and get Ella’s birthday pin.

73.jpgHeading into the Star Tours ride.

83.jpg92.jpg On line for the Peter Pan ride.

101.jpg Family shot in front of It’s A Small World.  LOVE!

121.jpgWatching Fantasmic – absolute sweetness.

131.jpgHeather joined us on day 2!  So great to get to spend time with her.

141.jpg The Little Mermaid Ride – one of Ella’s favorites.

151.jpgElla overcame her small fear of Goofy’s Sky School.  She had a lot of fun.


171.jpg Toy Story Mania fun!

18.jpg19.jpg19a.jpg Love on the giant Ferris Wheel.

20.jpg211.jpgRadiator Springs Racers…Jesse decided that Dumbo needed to experience the ride.  Heather and Ella held hands and Sunny was in another car that won.

221.jpg Heather and I went on a little detour to Space Mountain while Jesse, Ella and Sunny went on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

231.jpg Panda wearing his new kermit bandana – a gift from Jesse and Heather.

Thank you Jesse and Heather for making this incredible weekend possible.  Love you guys.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Looks fantastic! And sounds exhausting! What a wonderful tradition. Love you. Mom

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