Happy Birthday Ella!

Dear Ella –  Happy Birthday!  We love you so much.  We are in awe of you.  You are a beautiful, amazing person with the kindest heart.  We love getting to know you more and more, every moment of every day.  Can’t wait to celebrate with you in your class and at Disney!  We love you forever.  Mama and Mommy

Now that Ella can read, we hope she’ll get into checking out her blog.

I have a lot of catching up to do so I’ll do it in photos.

11.jpg21.jpg31.jpg This was from a Black Widows game a few weeks ago.  Ella was an amazing goalie.  She was a bit like a human wall and didn’t let anything go by.  She did get hit in the face with the ball, cried a tiny bit but stayed out there!

41.jpg61.jpg71.jpg81.jpg9.jpg10.jpg Last weekend we were so lucky to have papa come stay with us for two nights and a day.  We loved having him here.  Ella and papa had a lot of fun at the Exploratorium together.  Can’t wait to see grandma and papa for Thanksgiving.

111.jpg11a.jpg12.jpg Ella has been celebrating all weekend with her buddies.  She had a sleepover on Friday night movie night with Emmi, Cecilia, Stella and Juliet (Emmi and Cecilia slept over) and then a Saturday night sleepover with Stella, Juliet and Rosie.  Tonight, we went to Benihana with the girls, Debby and Toby.

13.jpg14.jpg15.jpgThe Black Widows won their final game on Saturday.  The Black Widows remained undefeated during the whole season!  These girls are one tough team of girls who have such sweet hearts.  Go Black Widows!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful pictures and wonderful description of Ella. I wish I were with you to celebrate Ella. What joy she brings to us all! Happy Birthday Ella. Love you. Mom

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