Terrific weekend with grandma and papa

Grandma and Papa arrived on Thursday night and we loved every minute of having them here!  As usual, we didn’t want the weekend to end.  Grandma and Papa got to see Ella play soccer (the Black Widows are still undefeated), we hung around and had fun, grandma and Ella took a great 4 mile walk today, we saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Part 2 and mommy and papa played golf!  On Saturday night, Sunny and I went to see the Carole King show Beautiful.  It was great.  Thanks grandma and papa for the date night!  We love you guys and can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

13.jpgElla teaching grandma the Cups song.

23.jpg Cool sculpture downtown by Roy’s where we had a great dinner.

33.jpgLove on the soccer field!

43.jpg Having too much fun.

53.jpg A little more serious.

63.jpg Best cheerleader for the Black Widows.

73.jpg Happy papa – serious grandma.  Must have been a serious play going on.

81.jpg Cutest goalie in the world.

91.jpg Fun at the movies!

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  1. Grandma says:

    We had a wonderful time with all of you. Love you so much. Mom

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