First Black Widows game of the season

Ella had her first Black Widows game this weekend.  This is the first year that they area actually keeping score.  The Black Widows won 6 – 2! It was fantastic watching the Black Widows take the ball up and down the big field.  Ella was goalie for the 2nd half.  Although she let two goals get by, she saved about 12.  She was fearless as she got in there and grabbed the ball.  On Saturday we went to the ballgame.  It was Strike Out Violence Day.  This was the first time that Sunny wasn’t on the field because she doesn’t work for the SFSD anymore.  It was a meaningful ceremony and even better, the Giants won in the 11th inning!  We bumped into Ella’s friend Emilia at the game and Ella loved hanging out with her.



61.jpg Ella was quite flexible at TaeKwonDo taking a little rest in a cubby hole.

71.jpg Lou Seal was dressed as Darth Vader.

8.jpg Ella and Emilia having a blast.

9.jpg Here’s another picture of beautiful Ella on the first day of school.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Go Black Widows! And go Giants! Tell Ella I love her sneaker/boots! Love you. Mom

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