A beautiful 24 hours with Sakura

Ella and Sakura were able to spend Saturday – Sunday with each other.  Sakura is now on her way back to Japan.  They had such a wonderful time together.  Ella seems pretty sad that Sakura is back in Japan.  It’s pretty incredible to watch Ella and her very meaningful relationships with friends.  Here are a few pictures from their special day.

14.jpg Reading one of Ella’s favorite books…”Do Not Open This Book”.

210.jpg Sakura brought this book for Ella from Japan.  Ella took it and ran with it!

310.jpg Giving each other school work to do.

410.jpg510.jpg Two of the original powerpuff girls.

610.jpg Sweetness.

710.jpgDiary writing with Panda.

83.jpg One last goodbye.

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  1. Grandma says:

    So sweet! Better start planning to visit Japan. Love you. Mom

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