More of our amazing trip to the east coast…

35.jpg36.jpgElla didn’t do any diving off the diving board this summer but she had so much fun jumping off the board.

37.jpg38.jpgGrandma, papa, Milo and Ella – they all love each other so much.  This was before a delicious dinner at Kiku.

39.jpg40.jpg41.jpg42.jpg Croquet on the front lawn with Nikki B and Co.  I was of course joking around!

43.jpg44.jpg45.jpg Beautiful children.

46.jpgHapppy swimmer.

47.jpgWe had a lovely day with Adam.

48.jpg Yoga family.

49.jpg Loved watching Ella and Adam get to know each other.

50.jpg51.jpgLove on the terrace with papa.

52.jpg Loving the monkey bars.

53.jpg Ella gave Tess some big girl support.

54.jpg Sweetness.

55.jpg New yogurt place in AJ’s hood.  Ella had watermelon cilantro yogurt!  YUCK!

56.jpg Grandma and Panda totally bonded.

57.jpg Ella does her best Scutaro.

58.jpgCutest cousins in the world.

59.jpg Sweetness.

60.jpg A happy girl and her dog.

61.jpg62.jpg Posing in front of big things.

63.jpg Fun at Bloomingdales.

64.jpg65.jpg66.jpg Never saw so much love!

67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg Ella and Milo had so much fun with each other this summer.

70.jpg71.jpg72.jpg73.jpg74.jpgThis was the first summer that Ella was actually able to putt with papa.  They both loved doing this.75.jpgGolf cart ride!

76.jpg Milo is a wild tester.

77.jpg78.jpg Last Leonia photo shoot of the summer of 2013.

79.jpg80.jpg Wonderful journey back home with Ella and Panda.

81.jpg82.jpg Ella is reunited with Sakura.  The girls were so happy to be with each other.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful memories. I’m booking our flight to visit you. Miss you so much. Love you. Mom

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