Dolphins and Cabo

We had a fun and relaxing week in Cabo this past week.  The trip was totally different than our amazing adventures in the Southwest the week before!  On this trip, we laid in the pool or next to the pool, went to the beach and swam in the ocean, ate some good meals and…Ella was able to live out a dream of hers.  Ella swam with dolphins.  She did a little class with about 7 other kids.  She was so excited and a little nervous.  While she was waiting for her class to start, she was standing in front of a  huge port hole looking for the dolphins.  She found a few and they swam right up to her beautiful face.  Ella was so focused as if she were communicating with them with her eyes and smile.  It was fantastic to watch Ella and her magic.

181.jpg191.jpg201.jpg211.jpg Ella was so happy and excited.  She was so focused on getting to know the dolphins.

110.jpg Right before she got into the water.

1a.jpg Having fun with the other kids.

210.jpg310.jpg411.jpg510.jpg Look at Ella riding that dolphin like a pro!

610.jpg7.jpg810.jpg92.jpg101.jpg Shaking hands and kissing.

111.jpg121.jpg131.jpg141.jpg The dolphin was super sweet.

151.jpg161.jpg171.jpg231.jpg221.jpg Relaxing in Cabo.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous shots of Ella with the dolphin. Beach and pool look serene. Love you. Mom

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