Fun filled Sunday

Ella had a sweet morning with Grandma and Papa before they left for the airport. It was a great visit. This morning, grandma was talking to Ella and telling her that they were going back to New Jersey and Ella looked at grandma and papa, wagged her little finger and said, “You are not going back to New Jersey”. This was the first time that she has ever expressed anything like this before. She’s comprehending EVERYTHING! It’s beautiful to see. After my parents left, Sunny took Ella to a park in Bernal Heights where they met Phyllis, Michael and Debbie. They had a great time and Ella played her heart out. After the park, we hung around at home and ended up over at Helen and Ron’s, had a great dinner – baked ziti – thank you Helen, and then we took the girls to the small baseball field and played some T-ball. Well…Juliet was really the star – Ella and Stella ran around the field while Juliet took batting practice. Ella loved holding the bat, she just didn’t want to swing it.

Ella playing with her “guys” at breakfast this morning

Grandma and Ella having a sweet kiss

Look at this love

Grandma, Papa and Ella right before they left for the airport. We love you. We’ll see you in the middle of April!

Ella having a blast on the tire under the love and supervision of Michael, Debbie and Phyllis

Here’s our little athlete in training. Ella is really into hanging from the bars these days.

Beautiful buddies getting ready to play ball.

Stella and Ron on the way to the ballpark

Ron, Ella and Mommy on their way to play some ball. Ella is choosing her bat.

Hmmm…what am I supposed to do with this bat?

Juliet did a great job batting. She didn’t want to leave home plate!

Ella rushing the plate from the pitcher’s mound.

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  1. merilee says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. We love you. Mom

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