Passover part 2

So much to do!  Here is the next part of Passover.  Tomorrow night, I will post Ella’s fun filled weekend with lots of sports.

20.jpgMommy and Ella with the elephants at the Museum of Natural History.

21.jpg Ella in front of the scariest exhibit in the whale hall.  The sperm whale fighting a giant squid.  We were so afraid of this when we were younger.

22.jpg We met up with Jordin and Twyla and another one of their friends.  Notice how the girls are paying attention and looking at the camera and the boys are just doing their thing!

23.jpg Beautiful cousins.

24.jpgMaybe one day…

25.jpg Mommy kvelling over Ella reading the Four Questions.

26.jpgGeorgia, Bronwen. Ella and Milo after finding the afikomen.  Milo found it!

27.jpg28.jpg Sweet cousins at Fireman’s Park.

29.jpg Doing a little spring cleaning – I found my old brownie uniform!

30.jpg32.jpg Fun at the museum of math.

33.jpgThese two love each other so much.

34.jpg Storytime with AJ.

35.jpgClimbing right up to the sky.

36.jpgElla and Milo had a blast at this playground.

37.jpg Ella loves her papa so much.

38.jpg Hanging out with Milo and Zach.

39.jpg Last chance to touch the sky.  See you in the summer!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! I was flying high and touching the sky when you were here. Love you. Mom

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