Wonderful weekend with grandma and papa (but way too short!)

Grandma and papa came in last Thursday.  We were able to spend some great time together.  These weekend drive by trips go by way too quickly but we have many beautiful times ahead to look forward to.  We had a great dinner on Friday night and then grandma and papa had a date with Ella while Sunny and I had our own date – Zero Dark 30.  We’ll see you guys again in less than a month!  Can’t wait.  Here are a few pics.

1a.jpg Walking down the street on Friday night.

1.jpg2.jpg2.jpg Ella and papa had a heated game of schmear!


4.jpg Totally silly!

We love and miss you guys.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great weekend for us too! Can’t wait for you all to come to NJ. Love you. Mom

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