A lot of catching up to do!

This is going to span about 2 weeks.  I’ll post the pictures and tell the story as I go along.

12.jpg22.jpg32.jpg42.jpg This was about 2 weeks ago.  We took Ella and Juliet to Pet Pride behind the ballpark.  The girls had so much fun together and Panda made a new friend!

52.jpg Here is a shot of Sakura (in Japan!) during a Skype session that we had.  I blocked out Ella accidentally when I was taking the picture, but I put a movie at the end of Ella showing Sakura how well she pogo sticks.  It was so cool doing the Skype conversation.  Sakura took us all over her apartment, showed us the view outside, played the piano for us and of course showed us her entire Powerpuff Girl collection!

61.jpg71.jpg Here is Ella doing early morning farm duty at CDS.

8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg111.jpgHere is Ella’s latest and greatest book.  She wrote about getting her green belt.  It has been wonderful watching her storytelling evolve.  Her teacher says that she loves to write and tell stories.  Incredible stuff.

121.jpgElla’s latest self-portrait.

13.jpgElla, Sunny and Juliet at en event at City Hall called a billion rising – an event about violence against women and children on v-day.

15.jpg We went to Tahoe last weekend with our friends Rachel, Liz and Isabel.  Here is Ella on a snow/ice castle.

16.jpgWe all tried tubing for the first time.  It was incredible! (movie at the end)

17.jpg18.jpgOn top of the tubing run.

19.jpgWe bumped into Ella’s friend Hannah and her parents and rode the tram up together.  It was 2000 feet up!

20.jpg Hannah, Ella and Isabel at the top of the tram.  We were at Squaw Valley where the 1960 something Olympics were held.

211.jpgElla gets the goal again!

221.jpg Ella and Hannah skating on the beautiful rink which was used in the Olympics.

23.jpg Ella and Isabel flinging snowballs at me.

24.jpgThe moms at Squaw Valley.

26.jpg It was really beautiful up there.  Check out Lake Tahoe in the distance.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! It was worth the wait! Besides the amazing sledding, the Skype was mind-blowing. But Ella’s book takes the prize! Fabulous! Love you. Mom

  2. AJ says:

    That looks like an amazing trip! Tell Sunny that we heard her whooping and hollering in New York! Love you.

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