Summary of this week in photos and a short movie

Ella had a great week.  First of all, last Friday at school, Ella won the waste free lunch contest.  She has been waiting for about 4 years for the moment when her name was pulled from the hat.  Here is Ella with the other winner, Anabel and Ms. Misty – the farm and garden teacher.

6.jpg Ella won a lemon.  She made a cup of lemonade with it.

Over the weekend, Ella had a sleep over at Stella and Juliet’s on Friday night and then they slept over at our house (and KJ too) on Saturday night.  On Sunday, Helen took KJ and the girls to see a stage production of Beauty and The Beast.  They all had a blast.

7.jpg Popsicle party with the Kim/Arenas.

On Saturday, Ella went to a Laser Tag party and had so much fun.  Sunny and I had a lot of fun too!

1.jpg Ella and her buddy Macy at the laser tag place.

Ella’s class took a trip to the Mission Dolores church on Wednesday and Sunny went on the field trip with Ella’s class.  Ella loved having Sunny with her on the field trip.

5.jpg Indians painted this ceiling with vegetable dye.

2.jpgElla this morning before the big assembly.

3.jpg This is a mural that Ella’s class painted.  Ella drew one of the churches.  I’m not sure which one.

4.jpg Ella getting ready to do her presentation.

Now here’s a short video of Ella announcing the project at the assembly today.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great little video. Ella looks and sounds gorgeous. Looks like a fun week. Miss you. Love you. Mom

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