Mommy and Ella go to Monterey

This past weekend, mommy and Ella went to Monterey.  Sunny was invited to accept an award on behalf of the Giants Community fund from the YWCA in Monterey.  Ella and mommy left early on Saturday morning and headed straight for the Monterey Aquarium.  They both LOVED it.  Ella was super excited about the sea horse exhibit, the sharks, the jellyfish and the otters.  In the evening, they had the awards ceremony.  Ella stayed on the stage with mommy as she accepted the award.  Ella was also a big help in setting up the tables at the country club.  She placed chocolate on all of the place settings.  Here are some pictures from their adventure.

112.jpg Ella at the sea horse exhibit.


3a1.jpgJellyfish, sharks and otters!

42.jpgElla helping withthe table setup.

52.jpgElla and mommy accepting the award.

62.jpg72.jpgFrost in the morning!

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  1. Grandma says:

    What fun! Looks like a great outing. Love you. Mom

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