It’s been WAAAAYYYY too long

OK – getting back on track here.  All I have to say is that we’ve been having a wonderful break from school/work.  Mommy still has to work but we love it when she comes home.  Grandma and papa have been here for a week and it has been so wonderful having them here.  AJ, Milo and Michael arrived today.  It’s going to be so much fun having everyone here.  Here are pics from the past 2 weeks.

114.jpg27.jpg33.jpg43.jpgI took Ella and her friend Isabel ice skating at Union Square the week before the break.  We all had so much fun.  Ella was zipping around the rink!

53.jpg63.jpg74.jpg83.jpg93.jpg103.jpg Here are some shots of Ella during her Winter Performance.  She was so sweet and adorable.  I can’t believe that this is her 5th CDS Winter Performance!

115.jpg123.jpgWe had a wonderful Dim Sum meal on Christmas Day.

133.jpg Grandma and Ella had some great Jenga games going.

143.jpg An archetectural masterpiece by Ella.

153.jpg162.jpg171.jpg Ella and papa worked so hard on one of Ella’s Lego projects.  They make a great team.

181.jpg191.jpg On Thursday, grandma and papa took Ella to see the Nutcracker.  They all had a wonderful time.

201.jpg Mr. Panda.

211.jpg221.jpgBeautiful cousins catching up!

231.jpg241.jpg251.jpg Sunny entertaining everyone with her hula hoop skills.

261.jpg271.jpg28.jpg More family hula hooping.  Ella was the most coordinated by far.

29.jpg30.jpg Ella and AJ dancing the night away.

311.jpgGrandma dipping Milo.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Gorgeous! We are having a ball. Love you. Mom

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