Friday with Grandma and Papa

We had a fun filled day today. We started out at Children’s Day School – the school that Ella will be attending in the fall. I wanted to bring grandma and papa there so they could see this amazing place where Ella was going to go to school. Ella did a great job there. She immediately wanted to go to the playground, but there were some kids playing there and I wanted to make sure that it was OK for her to play there. Ella waited patiently while we took a little tour around the garden, farm and pre-school classrooms. Ella walked around, played with some toys, went into a few classrooms and seemed like she was beginning to feel comfortable. We finally hit the playground and Ella climbed up the steps and went on the slide. She went down one of the slides and flew off the slide and landed on her tush. She got up and yelled, “Wipe out!” Then she went back to the top of the slide but this time chose one that went a little slower. She made an announcement from the top of the slide, “Hey guys, I’m not gonna wipe out this time”, and she didn’t. After the slide she went on a big girl swing – her first time going on one alone. After the swing, she told me that she wanted to hang (there was a hanging bar there). It was pretty high, so I held her there for a few seconds and then asked her if I could let go. She shook her head yes and proceeded to hang on all by herself while she was giggling and making some funny noises. The kids at the school were really cute. They asked me if Ella was going to the school. I told one little boy that Ella was going to go to this school next year. He had this eager look on his face and said, “Is she going to be a tadpole?” I told him that I didn’t know which class she was going to be in. He said, “Maybe she will be a tadpole – do you think she will be a tadpole?” I asked him if he was a tadpole and he said “YES”. It was cute.

After Children’s Day School, we took a walk to the Ferry Building, saw the spider statue and had a great lunch. After lunch, we came back and relaxed while Ella took a nap. We had a great little visit from Stella and Juliet who gave Ella a pair of yellow jelly sandals. They both had the same pair. Helen – you are incredible – thank you so much for including Ella in everything! Ella loved the shoes so much that she took off her ballet outfit to put the shoes on. She didn’t take them off until 10:00. We had dinner at Acme and had a great night. Tonight Ella tasted grandma’s fish and exclaimed, “I love shrimp”. We didn’t have the heart to correct her. Now everyone is sleeping except me so I think I’ll sign off.

Walking to Children’s Day School

The middle slide is the one that went a little slower.

Here’s Ella on the big girl swing

Ella hanging from the tall bar

Papa, Ella and Grandma in front of the spider

Grandma teaching Ella some new dance moves

Ballerina Ella, Papa and Muno

Ella with her cool new shoes

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