A Light in the Attic, The Night Before Chanukah, Green Belt and Chanukah!

It has been super busy around here since Friday!  On Friday afternoon, Ella performed in her very first play.  The afterschool program at CDS put on “A Light In the Attic” and other poems.  Ella was adorable and really liked being in the play.  She thought Monday and Wednesday rehearsal was too much and probably won’t be doing another play in the spring but she had a great time.  On Friday evening, we celebrated the night before Chanukah with the Kim/Arena clan.  We had latkes, blintzes, chicken, broccoli and had chocolate gelt for dessert.  Helen and Ron got all the kids Beyblades and they had some great tournaments.  On Saturday morning, Ella took a long scooter ride as I walked quickly along side.  It was a beautiful day.  Late in the afternoon, Sunny and I watched as Ella got her green belt in TaeKwonDo.  Ella has been working hard but now needs to start working harder.  She has forms to memorize.  It was pretty fantastic to see Ella up there with some pretty big kids earning her green belt.  Tonight, we went to a fantastic Chanukah party at Becca’s house.  It was really a wonderful night with the most delicious latkes.

110.jpg25.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Some shots from before and after the play.  I have some on a movie but I have to do a little editing.

51.jpg61.jpg101.jpg111.jpg Twas the night before Chanukah.

81.jpg 91.jpgThe Schwartz moms and the Kim/Arena boys!

131.jpg141.jpg 151.jpgGreen Belt!121.jpgHappy Chanukah!

72.jpg Ella’s latest Powerpuff art.

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  1. Grandma says:

    So many talents! And so much fun! Mazel Tov on Ella’s green belt! And Happy Chanukah! Love you. Mom

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