Catching up from last week!

I have had so much work to do that I have neglected the blog once again.  Here are some pictures from the weekend that grandma and papa were here and some from the past few days.  We miss grandma and papa very much but are so excited that we will all be together at the end of the month.  Life has been good and busy.  Ella is in a play at the end of the week and then has a music theater performance on Tuesday evening.  I have my big winter concert on  December 13th and then things should mellow out a little.

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg Ella leaping her way to the Ferry Building.

4.jpg Great shot of the three musketeers after eating a delicious Dim Sum meal.

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg We all had a great time bowling.  Looking forward to a rematch.

13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg On Saturday night, we took Ella and Emmi ice skating on the Embarcadero.  It was super crowded, but Ella did a fantastic job skating around the crazies!

21.jpg Emmi slept over and the girls went and played on the Coke slide that next morning.

22.jpg Ella and Panda right by the ballpark.

23.jpgElla and sweet Isaac on Friday night movie night.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great leaping and bowling action shots! Miss you all sooooo much. Post pictures of Ella’s performances and your kids’ concert, if you can. Good luck! Love you. Mom

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