Lots of hugs

Today was a terrific day. Ella and I started our day by going to My Gym. Ella had a blast there. After we left, I asked Ella what she wanted to do for lunch. She took at me and said, ” I want to go to Nordstrom and get mac and cheese and french fries.” We dropped off the car, let the dogs out, and walked downtown. Ella was a little sleepy but she was great company. We actually have conversations. (She’s still wavering between Hillary and Obama but really liked Obama’s speech on race. She felt that it was necessary.) No seriously, she’s just great in every way. After lunch, we saw the fish tank in the shoe department, went to the Lucky Kid store, and then rolled home. Ella fell asleep on the way home, and had a good nap. At around 6:00 we headed over to next door and Helen cooked a beautiful meal. After dinner we all went across the street to Borders and sat on the floor in the kid’s section and read tons of books. Now it’s very late and grandma and papa have just arrived. Ella will be so excited when she wakes up in the morning.

Ella being chased by her buddy Beckett during the maze part of My Gym

And he got her for a BIG HUGGIE (or maybe even a choke hold)

Our 3 girls hanging out, looking out the window and having popsicles

Look at these beauties. There was a lot of love spread around tonight. At one point before dinner, Juliet hugged Ella around her neck from behind and then Stella came behind Juliet and gave her a hug. Of course there was no camera in sight, but it was worth it when Helen and I jumped in and got our hugs in too!

Ella and Juliet trying to chase Stella down the hall to get a big hug. Stella wasn’t interested.

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