Catching up…

The birthday celebrations continue!  I think today was the last day of celebration and presents.  On Saturday night, we went to the Rainforest Cafe (bad food but fun for Ella and her friend Hannah) with Hannah and her mom Meghan.  It was a fun night and Ella and Hannah had so much fun.  On Sunday we took Ella, Marlowe and Emmi to the Academy.  Once again – they all had a great time with a little 6/7 year old drama at the end of the night.  On Monday, grandma and papa arrived.  We are all so happy that they are here.  Grandma, papa and mommy went to Ella’s school for grandparent’s day on Tuesday (I had to work).  Ella read stories and made bookmarks for grandma and papa.  On Tuesday night, Sunny and I had a date night and went to the MLB screening of the Giant’s World Series movie.  It was a fantastic movie and it was really exciting to be at the event.  Grandma, papa and Ella also had a date night at Momo’s.  I’m sure they had as much fun as we did!  Today, grandma and papa took Ella to the bicycle store to get her birthday present…a new bicycle with 20″ wheels.  Can’t wait to see Ella soar on her bike.  We had a great dinner at home tonight and then we played Pictionary Junior.  We had some great laughs.  It’s great to be on a mini-vacation from work and to have grandma and papa here!

110.jpg Mommy and Ella at the Rainforest Cafe.

27.jpg Hannah and Ella and Ella’s volcano birthday cake.

35.jpgIt’s snowing at the Academy.

44.jpg Ella, Marlowe and Emmi having a great time.

53.jpg5a.jpg Ella and papa worked really hard on Ella’s new Star Wars Lego project.

63.jpgGrandma gave great moral support.

73.jpg Grandma, papa and Ella were quite a great pictionary team.

83.jpg Papa drawing a tennis court.

92.jpg Ella drawing her version of a turtle dove.

101.jpg Panda really wanted to play.

112.jpg122.jpg132.jpg I was not so great at pictionary tonight.

151.jpg We only had a few turns becuase Ella and her grandparents were such a great team.

141.jpg I couldn’t resist…grandma had a little issue with her reading glasses but she hung in there!

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  1. Grandma says:

    We’re so happy to be here in SF. Live you. Mom

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