Friday night movie night, Soccer, taekwondo and Rosh Hashana

Our weeks are full of work and school and our weekends are full of activities and love.  We had Stella, Juliet and KJ over for our traditional Friday night movie night.  The kids watched Aladin.  Ella will be performing Aladin during her musical theatre class.  She really loves it.  On saturday, it was Ella’s first soccer practice.  The girls seemed to have a great time. TOnight was erev Rosh Hasanah.  Becca, Ru, Jaeden and the doggies came over for an amazing brisket dinner cooked by mommy the pro!  Great meal babe!  It was a really sweet night.  Time to go to sleep.

1a.jpg Friday night movie night.


52.jpg62.jpg72.jpg82.jpg92.jpg Fun fun fun at soccer practice.  Ella did seem like she was having a great time.

101.jpgSerious Ella lights the candles.

111.jpgWishing everyone a sweet, happy, healthy New Year.

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  1. Grandma says:

    And a sweet, happy and healthy New Year to you. Beautiful pictures. Ella looks like she is really concentrating and having a blast at soccer practice. Love you. Mom

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